Four Motors for Europe

A joint initiative for research in Europe

On 30 January a delegation of the “Four Motors for Europe” met with the head of cabinet of the EU-research commissioner, Antonio Vicente, and presented a common position on the future EU-framework program for research and innovation. The delegation was composed of Minister Theresia Bauer (Baden-Württemberg), Vice-President Yannick Neuder (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), General Secretary Arcadi Navarro (Catalonia) und Mrs. Valentina Pinna (Lombardy).

“The Four Motors for Europe are outstanding centres of research and innovation. Therefore, we want to enter into a dialogue with the EU-Commission together, in order to support a strong European research policy”, said Minister Bauer – as representative of the presidency of the Four Motors for Europe. The discussion was dealing with the plans for the upcoming EU-funding period after 2021.

The Four Motors for Europa stand up for a well equipped framework program, that enables universities, research centres and businesses to achieve break-through results. If you find out more about the joint position, please consult the following link: Joint Position of 4ME on FP9