Four Motors’ Strategy for an enhanced governance signed

After having celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2018, the strategy renews the commitment of the four regions to collaborate. The new strategy at the same time paves the way for future common action in fields of shared interest and defines new modes of governance.

(c) Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

2018 has marked the 30th anniversary of the Four Motors for Europe. The Baden-Württemberg presidency therefore initiated a strategic process on the future of the group. Already during the working group days in February 2018 in Stuttgart these reflections have been a key topic of the event. The insights gained by the joint meeting of the working groups have been taken up and further developed at the political level. As a result the Four Motors for Europe agreed on the “strategy for an enhanced governance”.

30 years after the foundation of the Four Motors for Europe the key challenges of our age are arguably global trends like climate change, new disruptive technologies, demographic change, migration flows, as well as economic recovery beneficial for all. The strategy considers mastering these challenges to the benefit of European citizens as an important task for the European Union. Living up to these expectations will enable a deepening of the European integration and underpin the EU’s democratic legitimacy. The Four Motors for Europe will contribute to this vision of a bottom-up European Union, by defending the interests of their regions and their citizens. To this aim, the strategy renews the modes of cooperation to present day’s needs.

Key sectors for future action set out in the strategy are: Economic Development; Research and Innovation; Training and Higher Education; Climate and Environment; Transport and Mobility; Health; Agriculture; Civil Society and the Arts. Moreover, the Four Motors for Europe reaffirm their aspiration to shape European affairs as a group of strong regions by regularly addressing position papers on key European policy initiatives. Thereby, they seek to strengthen the economic and innovation ecosystem of the EU and at the same time to remain at the helm among European regions.

The strategy intends to enhance the governance by increased steering, networking and raising the visibility of the Four Motors for Europe. The measures foreseen encompass inter alia regular political meetings, regular working group days, an intensified cooperation of the Brussels offices, enabling joint projects in key thematic priorities of the European Union as well as involving the citizens more actively by specific activities of the presidency.

The full strategy can be found here.