Meeting in Brussels of the Environment Working Group

On Monday, October 7, 2019, representatives of the Environment Working Group of the Four Motors for Europe met in Brussels for a working lunch. The lunch took place in the run-up to the European Under2 Coalition meeting in the afternoon


(c)Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft Baden-Württemberg

Representatives of the Environment Working Group of the Four Motors for Europe met in Brussels for a working lunch.

The following representatives were present:
•         Ms. Marta Subirà, Secretary for Environment and Sustainability of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability from Catalonia
•         Mr. Raffaele Cattaneo, Minister of Environment and Climate from Lombardy
•         Mr. Emmanuel Mandon, Regional Councilor from Auvergne Rhône Alpes
•         Mr. Franz Untersteller, Minister for Environment, Climate and the Energy Sector from Baden-Wuerttemberg

The preparation of the subsequent Under2 meeting and reports on current activities of the Four Motors in the environmental sector were the main topics. 
Mr. Cattaneo, as representative of the Lombardy Presidency, gave a detailed account of past events in the annual environmental program, e.g. a congress for Circular Economy in Milan, in which a representative of Baden-Württemberg also participated. He also pointed out Lombardy’s efforts to combat air pollution, especially from heating systems, agriculture and vehicles and to promote circular economy in the plastic sector
Ms. Subirà from Catalonia reported on the latest developments on the deployment of the Climate Change Law, the issue of the Climate Emergency Declaration and the package of urgent measures and the organisation of the Catalan Climate Emergency Summit early next year. She also pointed out the experience of Catalonia in the field of circular economy, in particular, the 2020 Circular Economy Hotspot that will take place in Barcelona 16-19 November.
Mr. Mandon from Auvergne Rhône Alpes emphasized its focus on hydrogen technology.
Baden-Württemberg reported on the process of revising the Climate Protection Act and the Strategy Dialogue on the Automotive Industry. In addition, Minister Untersteller emphasized the importance of the presence of the Under2 Coalition in Europe and of working stronger together in Europe at the regional level.
The preparation of the Under2 meeting focused on the anticipated adoption of a so-called "Briefing" for European institutions. This briefing is supposed to explain what the Under2 Coalition is and what it stands for to members of European institutions. In addition, the European institutions should be called upon to set ambitious climate protection goals with a "Call to action". 
Both documents were supported by the representatives of the Four Motors.