Standing united in the emergency

Under the initiative of Lombardy Region, the Four Motors for Europe gathered to reinforce the political dialogue on the policies they have been developing to manage the fight against covid-19 and to prepare the post-emergency strategies. A video-conference meeting took place on April 9th, 2020, with Alan Christian Rizzi, Undersecretary to the President of the Lombardy Region; Theresa Schopper, State Minister of the Land Baden-Württemberg; Etienne Blanc, First Vice President of the Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes; and Alfonso González, Director General for European and Mediterranean Affairs in representation of the newly appointed Secretary for Foreign Action and the EU of Catalunya Elisabet Nebreda.


All four regions have been strongly affected by the pandemic and have been confronted with completely new and unexpected challenges. The powerhouses of the economic capabilities in their respective countries and in the EU, the regional governments of the Four Motors for Europe are challenged with unprecedented responsibilities. Despite providing health care to their citizens and containing the infection, they play a key role in providing effective responses to urgent social and economic needs.

Together the four Regions believe that sharing knowledge and policy experiences is currently crucial to help each other and to concur to bring and share inspiration for the design of policies to manage the health emergency and to recover from the substantial economic and social impacts deriving from the pandemic.

Together with the priority efforts already in place to safeguard public safety and save lives, the governments of the Four Motors for Europe share concerns about the future of the industrial driving forces of their economies as well as for the whole of the businesses that have always been the core of the regional development and competitiveness.

The Four Motors for Europe also share concerns about the social impact of the pandemic among the population and will work together to palliate its negative effects, especially on those in more vulnerable situations. In this regard, the challenges arising from the pandemic represent an opportunity for the four regions to deploy new and creative energies to relaunch key economic sectors.

Since the outbreak of codiv-19, each region immediately implemented comprehensive measures aimed to both contain the spreading of the virus and to support patients, families, students,workers and businesses of any kind and dimension. Innovation in technology and digital tools have played a major role as well to help track and contain the contagion, support hospitals in the offer of care, and to enable citizens to easily access services and continue to perform their activities to the best of their abilities.

Together the Four Motors for Europe believe that learning from each other and cooperating is now essential for the whole of the European family. The Four Motors for Europe are willing to bring their vision and experiences to shape the world that will arise from the emergency and in this perspective are ready to forge their future cooperation in this respect.


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