Four Motors for Europe

“Mission: fostering innovation and reinforcing the competitiveness of the 4 Motors and Associates territories through cluster policies and instruments”

“Mission: fostering innovation and reinforcing the competitiveness of the 4 Motors and Associates territories through cluster policies and instruments” *


The 4 Motors for Europe and Associates’ are territories whose business fabrics are intensive in clusters and SMEs.

Clusters are increasingly used as a tool to reinforce competitiveness and cluster policies, embedded in economic policies, have become widespread not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Cluster work and methodology have an inherent learning, therefore regular exchange and benchmarking are highly valuable elements.

Working principles

Created within the Economy Working Group of the 4 Motors for Europe & Associates in 2007, the ”Cluster Dialogue” aims at establishing the 4 Motors for Europe as central motors for European cluster development.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To maintain a permanent forum for mutual learning on cluster policy and practice so that the policy is kept cutting-edge and aligned with market trends and needs.
  2. To identify and encourage concrete opportunities of cluster-to-cluster collaboration in order to foster international linkages and improve capabilities to compete in a globalised world.
  3. To strengthen the Cluster Dialogue visibility in the European scene.

This working group gathers technical representatives from the four partnering regions (Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes, Baden-Württemberg, Catalonia and Lombardy) and their Associates, namely, Flanders and Wales.  Issued from the regional governments and local agencies for innovation, economic development and internationalisation, the participants are experts and actively involved in the implementation of cluster policies in their respective territories.

Meetings are organised once or twice a year on a rotating basis in different cities of the member regions in order to make the members more familiar with the respective territories.

Main achievements

Since 2011, the Dialogue on Clusters initiated a Dialogue on Electromobility. The Dialogue on E-Mobility is successfully working independently and technical meetings are regularly organised, also benefiting from related exhibitions in the different territories of the 4ME&A.

Besides, the Cluster Dialogue group acts as a network-facilitator (several relations have been established between clusters from the different regions and some bilateral fact-finding interclustering missions have been organized so far) also in the perspective to encourage clusters to jointly apply to European projects.

* Cluster Dialogue roadmap 2016-2018