Four Motors for Europe



“Four Motors for Europe” is a long-lasting cooperation between the Regions of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Catalonia (Spain),  Lombardia (Italy) and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France).

Historically, the goal of this cooperation was to contribute to both the internationalization of the Regions and to promote the role of the Regions in Europe and within the European institutions.

Today, these Regions – leaders in their respective countries – have many similarities, including a GDP higher than the European avera

ge, dynamic domestic businesses with strong interest in innovation, and a rich heritage that has enabled tourism to develop. Together, the Four Motors for Europe gather 36 billions inhabitants and 6,78% of the European GDP (1 249 billion euros).

The strategy developped by the Four Motors in the recent years has focused on the reinforcement of the competitiveness in economy, sciences and technologies of the four Regions, in this particular context of global interdependence and economic crisis.

The driving idea is that it is up to the Regions to facilitate the collaborative projects between the actors, to support joint-applications for the European calls for proposals such as H2020, and to defend the interests of domestic economic actors against the European Commission. The institutional collaboration must serve the reinforcement of partnerships and international economic exchanges. All activities carried out for this network of excellence must have effects on the economy of the regions and impact the activity of the businesses.