Four Motors for Europe

Sustainable Fashion from Milano in Stuttgart

When rushing through the city centres of Four Motor capitals, consumerism may seem the defining feature. We are urged to buy more, to pay less and to replace old products sooner. Especially when thinking about the fashion industry, we may feel that this year’s spring collection is no longer fashionable in summer.

This so called “throw-away-society” has been criticised for multiple ethical reasons. Therefore, fair and responsible consumption might go hand in hand with the sustainability of our products. Thus, our fashion of the future might be green. The Four Motor regions are known for their commitment to find creative solutions for the future and to advance future trends. Sustainability and climate protection are hence important goals of the partner regions. From April 5 to April 8 the Fair Handeln (Fair Trade) (link) – Germany’s oldest and most important trade Show and consumer Exhibition for Fairtrade and globally responsible trade took place in Stuttgart. This years’ edition of the trade fair attracted 90.000 visitors and 1407 exhibitors. These visitors could take a look at a Four Motor’s project when entering the exhibition halls.

The School of Fashion Design in Stuttgart used the Four Motor’s network to look for a partner school for an upcycling project. It comes to no surprise that they found a match in the European capital of fashion, namely Afol Monza Brianza in Milano. Students from both schools designed clothing based on a sustainable use of material. The results were jackets, skirts and t-shirts made of second-hand-tissues, from warehouse stocks or made of blue-sign-certified materials. The project results were presented on 20 busts displaying the designs from Stuttgart and 5 busts displaying the designs from Milano at the Fair Handeln. Maybe we will see similar designs anytime soon in the stores in the Four Motor regions.