Making this website accessible (Easy Read text)

We work hard to make our websites accessible for everyone.

We follow laws and guidelines to make sure our websites are accessible.

For example

  • The Disability Equality Act of Baden-Wurttemberg (Landes-Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz L-BGG)

This law protects disabled people from discrimination.

It means disabled people have the same rights as everyone.

We test our websites to make sure they are accessible for everyone.

We tested our websites on 24.10.2022.

Our websites passed the test.

Tell us what you think

Do you think our website is difficult to use?

Please let us know.

Do you want to know more about how we make our websites accessible?

Please let us know.

State Ministry Baden-Württemberg
(Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg)
Richard-Wagner-Str. 15
70184 Stuttgart

You can telephone:
+49 (0)711 2153-0

You can fax:
+49 (0)711 2153-340

You can e-mail:

If you are not happy

Every business and public organisation must follow a law called the Disability Equality Act.

This means it is against the law to treat someone badly because they are disabled.

You can get help if you think a business or a public organisation has treated you badly because you are disabled.

The government has set up an Arbitration Service to help.

The Arbitration Service can help you if you are not happy.

Or if you feel you have been treated badly.

The Arbitration Service listens to both sides fairly and makes a decision that is fair.

You do not have to pay the Arbitration Service for its help.

You do not need legal advice to ask for help from the Arbitration Service.

You can contact the Arbitration Service if you need help.

You can write a letter to:

Arbitration Service under the Disability Equality Act at the Federal Government Commissioner for the Affairs of People with Disabilities
(Beauftragte der Landesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen)
Simone Fischer
Else-Josenhans-Straße 6
70173 Stuttgart

You can telephone:
+49 (0)711 279-3360

You can e-mail: