Home page and About Us (Easy Read text)

Who we are

We are 4 Motors for Europe.

We are a group of 4 regions from France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Our 4 regions have come together to make a network to support each other.

Our 4 regions are:

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France
  • Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany
  • Catalonia in Spain
  • Lombardy in Italy.

What we do

We work together to help our regions grow stronger.

We tell governments and the European Union what we think about their plans.

For example, on health and transport.

We want governments and the European Union to help people and businesses in our 4 regions.

About us

4 Motors for Europe began in 1988 when leaders from each of the 4 regions agreed to work together.

Our aim was to help each other in:

  • business
  • research
  • art
  • culture.

All 4 regions are well known for:

  • Strong businesses
  • Doing good research.

Our network has got stronger and stronger.

We want to learn from each other and share ideas so we can be ready for the future.

For example, in

  • business
  • research
  • training and study
  • looking after the environment
  • transport
  • health
  • farming
  • and the arts.

Helping people in our regions

We help people from our 4 regions to work together.

For example, we help young people to spend time in the
other regions.

They can study at universities and work in businesses in different countries.

It is a great experience for them.

How we work

Every year a person from a different region becomes the President of the 4 Motors for Europe network.

We all take turns.

There is a group of people who support the President.

They help to decide what 4 Motors for Europe does.