Second Region with the largest population in France with its 7.8 millions inhabitants, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region gathers twelve percent of the French population and cover 13 percent of the metropolitan territory. [more]


Baden-Wurttemberg is the third biggest of the German States. It is one of the leading economic regions not only in Germany but also in Europe: Home to internationally renowned corporations and thousands of successful small and medium-sized enterprises. [more]


Catalonia is located in the Northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and in the West of the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location has made it a top rank position as a gateway to the South of Europe. With a surface area of 32,107 km2, Catalonia has a very diverse orography going from sea level to mountains reaching 3,000 m high. [more]


Located in the north of Italy, at the heart of the most economically advanced European area, Lombardy is a bridge to the Mediterranean Sea. Its strategic location places it geographically on the principal eastwest axis of Europe too. [more]