"Food Visionaries - New Concepts for the Future of Food Enjoyment"

The 11th Genussgipfel (Food Enjoyment Summit 2023) is about images of the future, visions of the future of the younger generation of producers and marketers as well as service providers in the context of a food culture that is proving to be fit for the future.

Baden-Württemberg´s Minister of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk will open the 11th Genussgipfel, which will be on a food culture that tries to accommodate for the conflicting priorities between the desire for enjoyment and quality, the need for economic efficiency and the demand for sustainability in the sense of assuming social, ecological and international responsibility, while proving to be sustainable. Furthermore, the award ceremony of the "Genussbotschafter Baden-Württemberg" ("Ambassador of Food Enjoyment") will form part of the event.

The Four Motors will address the central challenges and possible conflicts of interest and goals as well as the implementation and corresponding solutions as a concrete contribution to the European transformation in these sectors. The 11th Genussgipfel therefore offers a good opportunity for exchange and networking.

Further information is available at www.genussgipfel-bw.de. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Andrea Fischer (Tel.: +49 711 126 2299).

Photo credit: © Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg

Event information

08:30 - 17:00
Event location:
(AULA) hall of the Heilbronn educational campus
Bildungscampus (educational campus) 14-17
74076 Heilbronn
Ministry of Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg