Baden-Württemberg takes over the Presidency of the Four Motors for Europe

From March 20, the guiding theme will be "New economic perspectives: Transformation as an opportunity for the future viability of our regions". Baden-Württemberg will focus on the topics of economic transformation, technological change and reducing CO2 emissions.

In Lyon, State Secretary Florian Hassler (centre) receives a light cube as a symbol for taking over the presidency of the "Four Motors for Europe.
© Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Charles Pietri

This presidency begins in Europe in times of war, inflation and the ongoing climate crisis. The economically strong regions of the Four Motors for Europe are particularly affected by these challenges. Therefore it becomes clear that the economic power and leading position in the European Union can only be conquered with constant change and transformation.

A Strong voice in Brussels

In this spirit, Baden-Württemberg will ensure that the Four Motors for Europe make themselves heard in Brussels. During the presidency the regions will exchange and cooperate on topics like the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework or the transformation of the automotive industry.

Green and digital transformation of the automotive industry

All of the four regions share a strong automotive industry and face future obstacles. Networking and exchange between the regions should therefore foster the transformation process. This development is to be supported by a side event at the European Week of Regions and Cities in October 2023 and by the Automotive Industry Supplier Day in November, 2023.

Focus on start-ups and young companies

Furthermore, as drivers of innovation, young companies and start-ups bring forward the development of internationalization, economy and climate protection. In this way, they contribute to the economic recovery and to securing Europe's competitiveness in the long term. All four regions have a distinctive, diverse start-up scene, from which the Four Motors for Europe network as a whole can benefit. Within the framework of several events, start-ups are brought into the centre of the Four Motors for Europe strategy as an important target group. Especially the Start-up BW Night on July 13, 2023 in Mannheim aims to provide start-ups of the 4 Motors with the appropriate advice and networking and to give them exciting insights into start-up scene in Baden-Württemberg.

Incoming-Mission – a new format for a joint political and economic mission to Baden-Württemberg

For the first time, the Baden-Württemberg presidency is conducting the traditional joint political and economic mission of the Four Motors for Europe as an incoming mission. From October 25-27, 2023, the partners are invited to Stuttgart and Heilbronn to exchange and to inform themselves on the topic of artificial intelligence and its industrial application in Baden-Württemberg by discussing in political roundtables and by visiting companies as well as research projects. A highlight will be the visit of the recently founded Innovation Park Artifical Intelligence in Heilbronn. One of the target groups here will also be start-ups.

Agriculture and food

In the field of agriculture, the Presidency will focus on the development of organic farming in the framework of EU strategies. Food policy plays an important role for the Four Motors for Europe regions with their large number of regional products. The producers operate in the conflicting priorities of quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. At the same time, the competitiveness and innovative capacity of this sector should also be increased. Promoting common solutions in this area will be a one of the goals of the presidency. Baden-Württemberg will therefore offer events and educational programs in this area, such as the "Wine Summer 2023" or the “Genussgipfel” 2023 in Heilbronn displaying regional products from all four regions.

Resource efficiency and circular economy

Finally, the presidency wants to concentrate on climate and environmental protection through resource efficiency and circular economy. A well-functioning and sustainable economy is only possible in accordance with the environment. Ensuring climate protection by reusing resources is therefore a central key to a climate-friendly economy. Consequently, the presidency plans to offer forms of exchange about related topics and education, for instance in connection to the 12th edition of the annual Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Congress in November 2023.

Accompanying the presidency, cooperation of the regions is to be intensified within the framework of working group days at the beginning and end of the presidency. The goal of these working group days is to plan, foster and evaluate the work of the Four Motors for Europe. The Programme of the Baden-Württemberg Presidency of the Four Motors for Europe can be found here.