Working groups

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The Economy Group gathers practitioners involved in the implementation of economic development policies, in order to establish permanent channels of information and exchange of best practices. Several subgroups deal with specific topics of mutual interest:

  • Electric Mobility and Future Transport Technologies,
  • Clusters Dialogue. [more]



Aims of the working group are:

  • exchange between regions among environmental policies
  • sharing information, experience and best practice example
  • transfer to the European institutions a common position of the regions about environment and climate change policies and priorities
  • initiate cooperation projects with stakeholders from leading European regions [more]


Labour Mobility and Professional Training

Aims of the working group are:

  • Exchange on systems of professional training in the regions
  • Facilitating labour mobility among the regions e.g. by interregional agreements, common visits/ presence in fairs, events, visits to centres for professional education in the partner regions and enabling contacts among apprentices
  • Preparing common mobility projects of apprentices [more]


Research and Higher Education

Aims of the Working Group are:

  • Intensification of the cooperation on science and research
  • Sharing information, experience and best practice examples
  • Exchange about the participation in EU-Programs [more]


Digital Health and Care

A working group on digital health and care was recently set up by the Four Motors network with the aim to collaborate more intensively on the topic of health and care (meetings, workshops, conferences, research consortia etc.) and to improve the transregional social, digital and research infrastructure as well as the quality of service for citizens, patients and employees of the health- and care-system. The working group has been exploring the need and the potential for (digital) health innovation and preventive healthcare in the regions and for the set-up of a large-scale deployment of social and technological innovations. [more]

Sustainable Food Systems

Aims of the Working Group are:

  • Maintain permanent contact between the practitioners involved in the development of food chain policies
  • Collaborate in the green and digital transformation of the system
  • Develop its work within the framework of the Farm to Fork strategy, as well as other similar strategies at subnational level [more]