Gender equality – the Four Motors for Europe participating in the EU public consultation

The Four Motors for Europe have presented to the EU a joint paper in response to the public consultation launched by the European Commission on the topic “Gender equality in the EU”.

Acting as the current presidency of the Four Motors for Europe, the Lombardy Region has brought the position of the four Regions to the attention of the European Commission who launched the public consultation in order to collect views on present and future priorities related to gender equality.

In the joint document, the four Regions have stressed the demand for the definition of forms of reinforced inter-institutional consultation aimed at also spreading, within the European debate, the virtuous experiences that have already been experimented with at a regional level. A selection of effective projects promoted and implemented in each Region has been pointed out in the joint document.

Moreover, the Four Motors for Europe do believe crucial to focus efforts on training, thereby improving the collaboration with businesses in order to enhance scientific vocations among women, fight discrimination and promote the integration of women into the professional sectors in which they are still underrepresented, first and foremost technical and scientific ones, which offer better employment opportunities.

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