Lombardy Presidency Program “Blazing the trail” presentation to the Four Motors’ delegations to the European Union in Brussels

Newly appointed Head of the Lombardy Delegation to the EU, Ms. Maria Luisa Scalise, acting as host of the event, expressed her commitment to work closely with the other representations in order to actively support the implementation of the Lombardy Presidency program.

In the framework of the Lombardy Presidency, the Undersecretary for International Delegations – Mr. Alan Christian Rizzi – has met on 17th July 2019 the representatives of the Four Motors for Europe delegations to the European Union in Brussels.

The undersecretary shared the most relevant points and line of actions that Lombardy is willing to undertake in the course of its current presidency, stating “at the core of the working program, we have proposed innovation and the ability of the Four Motors for Europe to design and to anticipate the responses to emerging needs. We are convinced that our regions are already drivers of development and catalyzers of innovation, together the Four Motors for Europe can perform even more”.

Mr. Rizzi also took the chance to recall the upcoming events that will see the four regions involved, in Milan as well as in Brussels, and reminded the relevance of a strong cooperation among the representation offices of the Four Motors to the EU as a key element for success of our Association.

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