The creation of a new Working Group : “Sustainable food systems”

A new Working Group about to collaborate in the green and digital transformation of the system



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Members of the working group and contact persons


Baden-Württemberg: Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes : Directorate for Agriculture, Forests and Food and Brussels Delegation

Lombardy: Directorate-General for Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Catalonia: Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda





The general objective of the group is to maintain permanent contact between the practitioners involved in the development of food chain policies in order to collaborate in the green and digital transformation of the system. It will develop its work within the framework of the Farm to Fork strategy, as well as other similar strategies at subnational level.


It will start its actions focusing on the following items:


  1. Common positions: adoption and follow-up of common positions already adopted. Currently, the only common position adopted in the field of food and agriculture is the one related to the deployment of quality policies for food products (Common position on strengthening EU quality policy in the context of the Common agricultural policy), adopted on 2018, and was promoted by BW during its presidency.
  2. Participation in fairs and events for the promotion of agri-food products, following the initiative of BW.
  3. Cross-cutting work with the other working groups already constituted to identify topics of interest to the food sector that can be dealt within the other groups.
  4. Business missions: incorporation of the agri-food industry in the business and institutional missions that will be organised during the next periods.

Your contact person


Anna Castellví

Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda