Hey Europe - We are your future! Report on the kick-off event

On 11 June 2021, the event series "Hey Europe - We are your future!" for young adults from the regions of the Four Motors for Europe started with a kick-off event at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart. The series of three events will develop a contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe and was organised by Europe Direct Stuttgart in cooperation with the meeting and training centre Hospitalhof Stuttgart and the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

@ Europe Direct Stuttgart

For the first time this year, it was possible to meet physically – in compliance with all applicable hygiene regulations. About 20 participants from Baden-Württemberg were present; as well as young adults from Lombardy and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the Catalan Youth Agency were connected online. As part of the Europe Direct network, the Europe Direct Centres located in the partner regions participated online.
After a warm welcome by the organisers, Wolfgang Petzold from the European Committee of the Regions introduced the Conference on the Future of Europe. Then the participants exchanged and talked about different topics related to Europe. The discussion based on surveys that were completed beforehand by many young adults in the Four Motors regions. The aim of the event was to get connected, to listen to the current situation of young people in Europe and to identify topics that particularly move young people. These topics will be developed into a contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe – which is primarily intended to make young adults heard – at the follow-up event in autumn.

After an intensive and enlightening exchange, the opening event ended with a snack and drinks in the beautiful outdoor area of the Hospitalhof Stuttgart. It will continue in autumn - if you would like more information, please contact