Real World Data analytics to support decision making and public policy evaluation

Last April 19th, 2021, representatives on technical level of the regions of the Four Motors for Europe (4ME) participated in a webinar “Real World Data analytics to support decision making and public policy evaluation” with the main objective of identifying collaboration opportunities among regional organisations across the four regions in the field of reuse of public services registries. The webinar was also the opportunity to relaunch the activity of the 4ME working group Digital Health and Care.

Participants at the webinar “Real World Data analytics to support decision making and public policy evaluation”

The webinar, organized by the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia  (AQuAS) and the Catalan Ministry of Health, took place in today’s context where evaluation is a key part of the policy cycle to improve the outcomes of the government intervention and it is essential for the accountability needed in advanced democracies. The use of large databases to analyse public policies is more and more essential to improve its evaluation methods and maximize the potential and impact of public interventions in the society. In this sense, regional Governments have the chance to improve the policies of their competence by implementing an extensive use of real world data analysis.

The webinar was promoted as a part of the programme of the Catalan rotating presidency of the Four Motors for Europe, centred in achieving the 2030 Agenda and the European Green Deal. Due to the lack of competences of French regions in this area, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes was unable to actively participate.

During the webinar, which was moderated by Mr. Marcel Olivé, coordinator of competitive projects at AQuAS, the following presentations served as a basis for the ensuing debate:

-    CATALONIA: Exchanging of experiences of reusing public registries information for public policy decision-making, especially in health sector-The experience of ICTUSnet project. Mrs. Rosa Maria Vivanco Hidalgo, Head of Health Technology Assessment and Healthcare Service Quality Unit, AQuAS
-    BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG: Introduction: State Competence Centre Digital Care. Mr. Thomas Heine and Mr. Daniel Buhr, State Competence Centre Digital Care Baden-Württemberg
-    LOMBARDY: Access to the regional information asset through DaaS 2.0 - Covid-19 Emergency. Mrs. Olivia Leoni and Marcello Melgara, DG Welfare

In the course of the debate the participants compared different policies and legal frameworks in their regions with regards to the use of public data for further analyses, as well as organisations involved, fields of actions, platforms used, and main challenges they are facing in their regions, with possible solutions. As a way of possible mutual collaboration in the future they also identified some specific areas and agreed to maintain contact.

Some of these areas will be dealt with in the framework of the 4ME working group Digital Health and Care. Most of the participants of this group participated in this webinar as well, and have met in a meeting the following day, on April 20th, to continue the debate, as well as to discuss other issues and initiatives of the working group.

You can see the programme of the webinar here.